Garam masala is one of the most popular spices in India. It has many therapeutic benefits and is usually made using a whole bunch of ingredients. Garam masala, a fragrant mix of spices like coriander, cumin, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, mustard seeds, fennel, fenugreek, peppercorns—the mix depends on your personal taste—is essential in Indian food. It also has a number of health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Garam Masala :

1.Helps maintain cholesterol:Some of the ingredients like pepper, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom are known to lower bad cholesterol levels.This helps in controlling cholesterol. The level of good cholesterol is maintained, and the level of bad cholesterol is reduced in the body. Coriander also has blood cholesterol and blood sugar level-lowering properties.

2. Boosts Metabolism: Garam masala’s ingredients are rich in nutrients, which help in boosting metabolism. Pepper is especially good in giving a boost to the body’s metabolism. These ingredients are also rich in minerals, which help in improving the function of various body organs.

3.Helps in reducing weight: Garam masala helps in reducing weight. This is because garam masala is hot and this increases sweating in the body. Sweating is a process that burns extra fat in the body, helps in reducing body fats.

4.May Help Reduce Cancer Risk:Some spices themselves are often associated with a decrease in cancer risk. Garam masala is rich in black pepper, this helps in removing problems of constipation. Black pepper is known to reduce the growth of free radicals in the body, and this further prevents cancer.

5.Prevents heart: Garam masala is rich in anti oxidant property. This helps in restoring the health of the heart. The chances of occurrence of a heart attack are minimise if one intakes garam masala to their diet. Garam masala also helps in prevention of stroke.

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